And today for your reading pleasure… the latest update in pinterest adventure!

Pork Loin!  Pin is located here… actual link is here.

I improvised a slight bit on this because you never know exactly what I can get for cheap at the store and I was on a pretty tight budget at the time.  I grabbed a mid-size pork loin for about $5 and then some Granny Smith apples.  I decided to go with GS apples instead of the Red Delicious because I like the tang of a GA apple after it’s been baked (not a fan of them raw, but when cooked?  They’re delish!) but otherwise followed the recipe.  Husband was concerned that the pork would burn due to the lack of liquid in the crock pot but the apples get all nice and saucy and all the fat mixes and it turns into happiness. 

The result is that this came out AWESOME.  We’ve already decided to do this again.  The pork was cooked perfectly and the apple slices inside the pork just melted all kinds of great flavors.  It’s entirely possible that Husband and I ate the entire thing by ourselves in one sitting and it’s also possible this is why I have no photo of said yumminess. 

Potatoes!  Pin is here… actual link is here.

Potatoes are a huge thing in our house because they can be cooked a gazillion different ways and certain picky kids will still eat them!  It’s a mirace in round food form!  The first time I made this, we did it pretty much to the letter.  The skins came out magically crispy and the olive oil and salt were just amazing. 

In fact, this recipe was so good we wanted to do it again the next night… but add parmesean cheese to the potatoes with a few minutes left on the baking time.  End result?  This recipe is a keeper and can be tweaked a bit for so many different potato flavors.  Cheese or herbs or garlic.